MAJEK Illusion

The draft of a flat-bottom with the handling of a V -hull.

The Majek Illusion is a revolution in shallow water technology and has been called “the re-invention of the flat-bottom boat” by anglers who have taken advantage of its impressive capabilities. One look at its unique hull design and you realize this is no ordinary shallow water boat. No wonder it continues to win fishing tournaments all over the gulf.

majek illusion majek boats modelsIts breakthrough engineering has created a hybrid of a traditional flat-bottom hull and a V-hull boat that delivers the best performance characteristics of both. The Majek Illusion is configured with 2 feet of “V” on each side and 4 feet of “flat” down the center. It’s designed to run faster, take the waves better, steer tighter with more stability and still take you thru the skinniest water. The Majek Illusion turns like a V-bottom without the slide that’s inherent with most flat-bottom hulls. In fact, the Majek Illusion hull design is so unique it’s copyrighted. According to Johnny Majek, “The lawyer who helped us with the copyright was one of the first guys to buy one. Guess he knew a good thing when he saw it. There’s not another one like it.” An additional benefit: because of the efficient design, the Illusion outperforms other boats with bigger horsepower engines. So you can save money by buying a smaller engine and still get maximum performance. Champion angler Clark Jordan calls the Illusion “the best all around boat there is for fishing Gulf Coast water. You can make a long run fast in rough water but once you get there you’re still able to fish in shallow water. The strength is unmatched. There’s no doubt about it. The Majeks are not just boat builders, they’re fishermen. Maybe that’s why they keep out building the competition.” V-hull boat that delivers the best performance characteristics.
Illusion Specs
majek illusion specifications
Length 22’ 6”
Beam 102”
Floor Width 86.5”
Inside Depth 11.25”
Shaft Length 20”
Max Capacity 1600 lbs
Max Horsepower 225
Draft 8.5”
Fuel Capacity 40 gal
* All specifications are approximate due to the fact that all Majek boats are completely handcrafted.