Majek Boats were born out of necessity and a bit of frustration.

majek boatsThe year was 1982 and commercial fisherman John Majek was fed up with having to constantly replace the boats he used to fish the rough bays and shallow waters near Corpus Christi.

He decided to take matters into his own hands, literally, and hand-made the ultimate bay boat. One that would outperform anything he could buy. One that would get him into and out of the skinniest water the Gulf Coast could throw at him. One that would hold up through years of hard running. What he created was not a boat, but a legend. Over 25 years later, the legacy of  handcrafted Majek Boats continues with sons Johnny and Jimmy Majek at the helm.

You’ll have more fun in Majek Boats
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Whether you’re a tournament angler or just like to wet a line on the weekend. Whether you’re searching for a trophy catch or just a little rest and relaxation in the great outdoors. Whatever your goal, Majek is the boat for you. Professionals who fish in Majek boats run them hard for days on end with confidence because they’re hand built to be tougher than the conditions they face. And it’s why Texas Parks & Wildlife, U.S. Border Patrol, the United States Coast Guard and other law enforcement agencies have chosen Majek Boats for their operations on coastal waters and freshwater lakes.

When you buy from Majek Boats, you are purchasing a craft that’s been engineered to give you years of carefree enjoyment. It’s a fact that’s proven everyday by hundreds of avid anglers. Launch a Majek boat yourself, head for the skinny water and get ready to catch your limit of fun.