Wonder what we mean by the Majek Magic?

They say that proof is in the performance. We couldn’t agree more. And so do those who put Majek boats in the water every day to make their living. They need every competitive edge they can get and Majek boats give it to the.

Here’s what the fishing pros say about Majek Boats…

<strong>Kelly Bagget</strong>
Kelly BaggetTexas RedFish & IFA Series Winner
“Majek’s first class craftsmanship is the reason why Majek Boats dominate the Texas coastal fishing community!”
<strong>Charlie Barton</strong>
Charlie Barton2008 Texas Redfish Series
“Majek boats are the most dependable boats I’ve owned. My Majek gets me where I want to go, when I want to go, and gets me there safe and dry.”
<strong>Frank Duxstad</strong>
Frank DuxstadFLW Western Division Champion
“A Majek boat can take whatever you throw at them, and we’ve sent them to hell and back on more than one occasion.”
<strong>Paul Dufrene</strong>
Paul Dufrene2014 & 2015 Academy Sports & Outdoors HT Redfish Series Angler of the Year
“Whether I’m in the shallow marshes of Louisiana or deep bays of Texas there is one constant and that is my Majek boat. Versatility, fishability and dependability. All the reasons why I choose Majek.”
<strong>Clark Jordan</strong>
Clark JordanTexas RedFish & IFA Series Champion
“You’re not going to get a boat that’s any shallower running. It holds together. It’s the strongest boat I’ve ever been in.”
<strong>Steve Reupke</strong>
Steve ReupkeFLW Western Division Champion
“For the past 18 years, I’ve run every model they make. And all I can say is the only thing better than owning a Majek boat is owning two of them.”
<strong>Dwayne Eschete</strong>
Dwayne EscheteMajek Fishing Pro
“Success is a reflection of the people or companies you choose to associate yourself with. Majek always fulfills all of my boat needs and they take pride in what they do.”
<strong>Scot Simmons</strong>
Scot SimmonsHost of Texas Fisherman TV
“Everywhere we film, I am stopped at gas stations, boat ramps and stop lights. People always compliment my Majek Boats.”
<strong>Leslie and Demetric</strong>
Leslie and DemetricMajek Fishing Pros
“If you want to Run Fast, Run Skinny and Fish Hard, You must run a Majek Boat. The Best Fishing Tools Ever!” – Leslie  “Performance and endurance are key components that makes Majek a step above the rest. No limits, no obstacles, no problems when you own a Majek Boat.” – Demetric
<strong>Ray Malone</strong>
Ray Malone2015 Go Pro/Bass Pro Redfish Cup Champion
“Majek Boats out perform all other salt water boating manufactures and are the number one most sought after boat in Tournament angling and recreational fishing on the Texas, Louisiana and Florida Coast. Majek has dedicated the last 25 years to the Commitment and excellence of quality boat building. Simply put, if you demand the best… then you need a Majek.”