MAJEK Xtreme

Takes on rough water to get you to the hot spots fast.

Jimmy Majek loves to tell people, “If you like fishing, you’re not going to like the Majek Xtreme.” After they look at him like he’s crazy, Jimmy explains “Because once you start driving it, you won’t want to stop. You’ll be like a kid on a jet ski. It’s that much fun.”

majek xtreme majek boats modelsThe Majek Xtreme is a sleek, low sided, fast tournament style bay boat. It’s one of the shallowest drafting V-hull boats on the market today. The versatility of the Majek Xtreme is one of its most unique characteristics. It’s perfect for fishing and skiing in fresh water lakes but it’s also great for running in shallower salt water bays.

There are three main performance characteristics of any boat: speed, draft and ride. The Majek Xtreme excels in all three areas. Because of its lightweight design, the Xtreme can reach speeds of 65+ mph. The pad design hull allows the boat to run thru the shallow waters of the Gulf Coast. The sharp v-hull design pushes water away from the boat at all speeds. This design gives everyone on board a dry ride even in the roughest conditions.

After testing it against a slew of other boats, the State of Texas bought over 75 Majeks for the Parks and Wildlife Department. Performance and quality were the deciding factors. The Majek Xtreme was chosen because of its speed, maneuverability, strength, durability and the ability to operate in both fresh water lakes and salt water bays.

Those are the same reasons the Majek Xtreme has become the choice of professional tournament anglers. Just ask Chief Tauzin, member of the Team of the Year at the 2008 IFA, “The Xtreme is about as close as it gets to the perfect boat. As far as the combination of running shallow, speed to get you where you need to be fast and taking rough water, it’s the best boat I’ve ever owned. Whether you’re fishing in 10 feet of water or one foot of water, it’s definitely going to do the job.”

Jim Franklin, 2005 Redfish Cup National Champion and Redfish Cup Team of the Year says “for fifteen years I have pushed these boats to the limit and then some and they have never let me down, not once!” sided, fast tournament style.

Xtreme 20′ Specs Xtreme 22′ Specs Xtreme 25′ Specs
Length 20’ .05”
Length 22’ 3” Length 25’ 6”
Beam 99” Beam 99” Beam 104”
Floor Width 79” Floor Width 79.5” Floor Width 84”
Inside Depth 11.25” Inside Depth 11.5” Inside Depth 11.5”
Shaft Length 20” Shaft Length 20” Shaft Length 20”
Max Capacity 1500 lbs Max Capacity 1500 lbs Max Capacity 2200 lbs
Max Horsepower 150 Max Horsepower 250 Max Horsepower 300
Draft 12” Draft 12”
Fuel Capacity 62 / 75 gal Fuel Capacity 62 /75 gal Fuel Capacity 62 /75 gal
* All specifications are approximate due to the fact that all Majek boats are completely handcrafted.